Liitu uudiskirjaga

paulpihlak.jpgPaul Pihlak stepped into show business in the end of 1988. After teaming up with Jaanus Raudkats and Andreas Lukin, we started to organize rock club at Nõmme culture center and Noorte Muusa festival. At the same time Paul Pihlak managed touring of "Kolumbus Kris"(Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Latvia, Russia, USA).

First steps in record industry were marked by a release of Kolumbus Kris' single "Take me down" (it was also a first try to design a record sleave ...). Attempts to get a major label deal for Kolumbus Kris abroad did not work out (hmm, we were bit greedy, to be honest). After all, LP was released in the Soviet Union by the only label available: "Melodija". Times were chaotic, and so the label couldn't find the transportation to deliver the records to Estonia. Label offered the band that if we will find their own transportation, they will give half of the printed records to the band for free. Consequenses? Well, the person who bought Paul's old apartment discovered loads of it in his basement ..... and lots of loads:)

September of 1992: Elwood Muusik was established.
From the begining of 1994 Paul worked as night / program manager for restaurant Eeslitall, grooviest place in Tallinn in these years...
From August 1994 Paul had a work desk in hotel Viru, to break down the cabaret and build up a live music nightclub. Café Amigo was officcialy opened Dec 15th in 1994 (first band was on stage Dec 10th), and soon it became Tallinn's most popular night club

After putting Café Amigo on the road to glory and success, new challenges were required. And not after long guys from "Justament" asked if Paul would borrow them some money for a mixerdesk and a bus, in turn he can put out their "Greatest Hits". Well, after some calculations it seemed like a good deal....

Now, after many good, bad, ambitious and not so ambitious records, artists and bands, it still looks good:-) Viva la musica!

Paul Pihlak